Sharps® Manufacturing


This schematic design project included additions to the existing 9,800 square foot Gun Manufacturing Facility. The additions include a 20,000-square foot Barrel Manufacturing Facility, 20,000 square foot Brass and Loading Facility, and 9,000 square foot of two-story office space. The building is a pre-engineered metal building system with metal panels, stone and exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) on the exterior.


Some of the equipment types to be included in the Barrel Manufacturing facility consist of: bar cutting machine, gun drill, reamer, honing, rifling, wash, stress relief, and turn/chamber. Equipment types to be included in the Brass and Loading facility consist of: draw press, tapering press, heading press, trim machines, tumbler washers, pit furnace, in-line annealing machine, rotary annealing machine, belt annealing furnace, pierce machine, vacuum pumps, and heat-treating ovens.

Project details

  • Location: Town of Glenrock, WY
  • Area: 58,800 Square Feet
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